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MultiCabal of Meta-Discordianism in the Pataphysics of Hyper-Surrealism


Would you like to experience for free and without obligation the Delirious Hyper-Surreality of the Very Occult & Esoteric (not because we want to, it's because nobody cares much about us) Hermetic hEreCtic DisOrder of the Golden Apple and the MultiCabal of the Very Confused Quantum Schizophrenic Freak Post-Neoists?

You might ask, "Why would I do that?"

I would answer: "Good question!"

and then would ask, "Why not?"

Dive into our Confusion, Fish!

Do you not care so much whether your socks match?

Do you often make inappropriate jokes?

Are you an out-of-tune radio?

An abstract painting? An atonal song? An out-of-focus video? A really bad metaphor?

If you answered yes or no, then you may be a potential

And you should have your pineal gland examined by a quack charging you an exorbitant fee.

Latent meta-discordianism is the number one cause of many commonly misdiagnosed conditions.

Don't let another day go by without knowing if you, as well as possibly many other people in the solar system, are affected by this terrible disorder!

We can set you straight! Our three-step method to enlightenment was imagined to bring out tangible results in a cosmically insignificant amount of time!


Join us!

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Enlightenment through confusion

Transcendence through absurdity

Confusion through enlightenment

Absurdity through transcendence



#TheGame23 Mod 42.5 - Enter the Infinite Rabbit Hole

"Some people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated A.R.G. disguised as a simple interactive art, other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated interactive art disguised as a simple A.R.G.. Some other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a complicated interactive joke disguised as a simple pataphysics, other people say that #thegame23 mod 42.5 is a simply complicated interactive disguised pataphysics disguised as complicated pataphysical simple joke."

- Timóteo Pinto, 'pataphysician post-thinker


TheGame23 Cult’s plans and workings remain obscure even to the few who are aware of its existence. Though its plots may seem random and sporadic, they are in reality part of a vast singular plan to undermine reality.”

– Lucretia Dalencourt


KSTXI - Hyper-Surrealist Fnord Agency


Our agents span the globe.

Be aware!

When you speak to us, you speak to a zenarchian collective of hyper-surrealist agents concerned with ultra-terrestrial contact.

We do not make uniform observations or agree on most matters. Our levels of humor and seriousness vary.

Our agents work in mysterious ways.

Following us can provoke ontological shock and increase levels of compassion. Or not.

You have been warned.


Know more, Understand less:

KSTXI Hyper-Surrealist Fnord Agency Portal

KSTXI Reality Glitch Hack Post-Neoism Meta-Discordian Tudismocroned Galdruxian Network

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"If hyperreality is the ultimate blur of the line between artificial and “actual” reality, hyper-surrealism is the surreal aspects of supposed reality so brought to life that a rational basis for separating real and surreal is lost"

- Metapresa23


Hiper-Surrealist Meta-Discordian Post-Neoism

a teaspoon of psychosis
5 tons of delirium
23 drops of madness


Call yourself Timoteo Pinto/Sarah Gulik/Lucretia Dalencourt/Bruces Vain! Do everything in the name of Meta-Discordian-Post-Neoism!


De(x)fining the Hyper/Meta/Post/Synchro/Neo/Disc/?/?/isms23



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Open Source Zine Project

A Call To Weirdness - Operation D.I.S.T.A.N.C.E. - 3gr3gor

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The Hermetic hEreCtic DisOrder of the Golden Apple