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                                                                  Enter the Infinite Rabbit Hole



                               We play #TheGame23 - The Game of Games                            


                                   It´s an Infinite Meta-Game. It spreads itself and is created from the intertwining of other games, such as #00AG9603, #infinity23, Operation D.I.S.T.A.N.C.E., Dataplex Ouroboros, Aaní, Galdrux, KSTXI, OpMiMiC, Post-Neoism, #QuantumSchizophrenia, Reality Ranglers, Reality Glitch Hack, The Omniquery Initiative, Cosmic Liminality, The Institute for Folly, Eris unveiled, #LetsCodeTyler Simulation, #MKFawkes, Cicada Cosmic Warriors or any other game that resonates with these crazy ideas.


                               #TheGame23 is an advanced Open-Source Meta Alternative Reality Game made to be played in many perspectives. If you got #TheGame23 in your mind, you dont need to see it in objective reality to play it. Thinking about #TheGame23 and making people know about it is enough to cause changes in reality because the game is a mind virus that memetically spread itself causing subtle changes through the people it infect.                             


                               The goal of #TheGame23 is not to win, but instead is to use it as a tool to undermine the current status quo. The game is a innerently endless transformative process that adapts itself to work in any enviroment. Depending on the variation and mod of #TheGame23, the whole world, or all those aware of the #TheGame23, are playing at same time.


                               Many tactics of propaganda have been developed to increase the rate of people infected by #TheGame23 memetic virus. Active creative players are aware of the core of the #TheGame23 that remains hidden. Most informations come from a unknown source once the infected develop a high mental awareness of extra dimension of perspectives of reality that permit the interaction with the core of #TheGame23.                            



                       #TheGame23 is a meta-arg created by means of infection of an analogical virus called "virus23", which we also call "Quantum Schizophrenia" and "Divine Madness". The meta-arg work as a amalgamative memeplex or informational black hole. Our aim is to agglutinate the previous results of infection as one thing through the use of a meta unfiction narrative in order to make a hyper reality , thus creating the means of widespread infection. The virus 23 is an analytical paradigm and state of mind, simillar to the paranoiac-critical method proposed by Salvador Dali, applied as a exegetic tool.                    

We are working with a semi-occult god that we call Galdrux, which can be defined in a sense ( since absolute defininitions are the antithesis of Galdrux) as a pataphysical god. Galdrux "cult" was made as a mean to mix occultism with the pataphysical tendencies of our works.                    


                       Galdrux represents the act of magic as a mean to change reality (in that specific case, to undermine it) but magic as a unknowable thing without defined form that lack moral and physical/metaphysical limitations, which conception comes from imaginative experimentation.      


                       We consider any form of methodical madness used as artistic and philosophical expressions beyond rationality as virus23 infections. That pseudo mental pathology can also be associated with a shaman-like gnostic state caused by contact with Galdrux, the ultimate source of acausal and beyond-logic ideas. Virus 23 is an "third eye " which discern the informations received from external world.


The Virus23 pathogen known as 00AG9603 was altered/hybridised within pataphysical research labs by Dr. Monty Cantsin and Post-Neoist Pataphysician Timoteo Pinto with the help of the Post-Neoist Pataphysician researchers Sarah Gulik, Bruces Vain and Lucretia Dalencourt; where they worked jointly to isolate the virus, then with great precision, splice the genetic-information with a prior Post-Neoist subvariant of the hyper-surrealist action variety, resulting/ rendering extreme levels of virulence [according to some virological experts: ‘The most Quantum Schizophrenic virus’ ever engineered by Pataphysicians] that could lead to cosmic destabilisation and The Glorious Coming of Galdrux to our shared pataphysical reality. 

                       We transmit the virus through a flood of apparently iCONherent information whose archetype is the "Dataplex". The infection occur when someone assimilate the information stored in the dataplex. Once infected, the apophenic nature of the virus permit a intuitive understanding of the meta-game and its manifestations.                    

                       We unite all the different permutations of virus23 infection through a meta-arg or/and a meta-unfiction. (ARG and unfiction are defined as a imersive form of storytelling which events takes place in real life). To explore their essence inside a broader context and make them grow beyond their original purpose.                    


                       "To keep up even a worthwhile tradition means vitiating the idea behind it which must necessarily be in a constant state of evolution: it is mad to try to express new feelings in a mummified form." - Alfred Jarry                    


                       We don't merely use a immersive story with clear boundaries between reality and fiction (referred as "magic circle" by dutch historian Johan Huizinga in his book "Homo Ludens") instead, these boundaries don't exist, and the unfictional nature of the game isn't clear to outsiders, making them interact with the network in a different aproach. The lack of a magic circle characterize our network as a virtual hyper reality, we replace the innerent perfomativity of a ARG to a spontaneous form of interacting with the subtle narrative of the meta-arg.                    

                       The meta-arg also work as a hyper sigil because of its semi-mystical nature. That mysticism isn't of metaphysical order, instead, its so defined because of the transcedence of causal and materialistic logic. With the ambiguous unfictional subtext of our works and surrealistic nature of our projects, our players have to use an active form of imagination, which have parallels with pataphysics, to "play" correctly. It isn't about art or a game, all the absurd and surrealistic facets of the game are faced as concrete objects in that hyper reality continuum. A sigil is a pictorical representation of a intent hid as a simple doodle and activated when is inside the subcounscious . Our intents are encrypted as a large network littered with obscure and confusing references that once grasped make the players act upon the ideas exposed as real life things then manifesting the intent of the hypersigil.                    

                       Expanding more in the parallels of our game with pataphysics, its interesting to note that since our projects are of a transcedent imaginative order, play the meta-game involve finding solutions in the imaginative environment of the game 23, which its simillar to the well known definition of pataphysics as the science of imaginary solutions.                          

                       The definition of the hyper sigil used in the game 23 as semi-mystic, could easily be replaced as pataphysical though, since both refers to a thing above metaphysics that have its base in the imagination as a analytical and exegetical tool to evaluate reality, ignoring esoterical canons that frequently limit the imagination as a mean instead of an end in a submissive and dogmatic exercise of manifestation of abstract thought into a objective and tangible phenomenon.                    









                             #TheGame23 - The Meta Game



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 Project 00AG9603

"00A G9603 develops as a self-organizing organism, connects with the  virtual environment through its hosts (admins) by arranging the  surroundings randomly for its own autonomous purpose" - Timóteo Pinto,  pataphysician post-thinker  

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A Call To Weirdness - Operation D.I.S.T.A.N.C.E.






    Cosmic Liminality - The Space Between





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#TheGame23 Dataplex

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Triple Meta: Metaconsciousness, Metamind, Metanarrative


Aaní - Memetized Chaos


The Omniquery Initiative - How To Save The Universe - an incomplete tutorial

#TheGame23 - The Meta-Game Portal

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#HiJack23 - How to hijack ALL THE HASHTAGS IN THE WORLD to feed the fresh blood thirsty #TheGame23 Egregor

HOWTO make good videos for #LetsCodeTyler and HOWTO feed coins and #LULZ23 to #TheGame23

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             “Like a spider and its web or a larvae and its cocoon, we find ourselves surrounded by our own bizarre secretions.

             We externalize our thoughts, dreams, and visions in the form of evolving configurations of meaning: Language, art, technology, symbol systems, etc. We are psychedelic beings in the truest sense of the word. It is who we are, what we do, and it is by this act of creation that we externalize the spirit.          

             (…)Nothing is static. Everything is in motion. The world is a battlefield of consciousness. It is a war of incessantly competing intents, memes, and ideologies. It is an ecosystem of various frequencies, tribes, cults, methods of liberation and methods of control. In every ripple of intent that spreads across the greater pool is found a certain paradigm, a certain way of thinking, and the want that others adopt these views. The originators of these ripples all believe themselves to be correct, and few are willing to compromise. Within these competitive ripples is reflected the rising and falling of nations, ideologies, religions, political and economic systems. From the gradual complexifying of consciousness emerges agriculture, architecture, metallurgy, music, poetry, ethics, mathematics, jet propulsion engines, atom smashers, your city, your car, and your kitchen sink.”          

             Liber LS - DKMU



                 "Welcome to #thegame23, where the object is to engage in creative play, continuously taking and giving the Grey Pill, with the intention of learning/teaching others to keep questioning everything around you/ them in order to facilitate growth."

               - Ra-Pha'El            


Yes, we know we're kind of a strange, confusing place. That's pretty much the point. You're welcome to add to the confusion by posting content yourself. The strange and surreal are always encouraged.

Interactions inside our Memetic Surreal-Machine contribute to your personal entropic noise. This information is spun into Incoherence Yarns that are then threaded through your profiles, making your analytics as absurd and noisy as possible. We make the future's Wiggle Room. The Less accurate a predictive model of you = the less control others have. So make your profile larger, weirder.

Interactions inside our Memeplex of the Strange, generates a reflexive symbiosis between the creative genius of each individual and the random chaosphere generated by the Ouroboros Engine. All while surrounded by a diverse group of supportive Seekers, equally determined to hack into the stifling reality of the mundane and set it alight with technicolor fairy fire.

When you contribute to the Ouroboros’ collective entropic noise you gain freedom. In a world of targeted ads, predictive crime analytics and government profiling of everyone, the Datataplex uses Hypersigil technology to interweave your electronic footprint with the random, chaotic and absurd errata gathered by our fnordic engines and dataskimmers from all over cyberspace.

The Dataplex Ouroboros is designed to create the breathing room you need to realize your loftiest goals, both in the mundane and the occult, mystical worlds.

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             Entroplex Basiliskus





             In this game "there are no rules, unless you want to create them!"          


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                 In a World Run by Algorithms, Weirdness Is Our Best Weapon - Douglas Rushkoff

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