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Timoteo Pinto, Meta-Discordian Underground Superstar

“Everyone can be Timoteo Pinto.”

This is the beginning (or the middle) of this multiple-use name and open pop star Timoteo Pinto.

Brazilian? American? Australian? Nobody knows anything about him, only that he is the suburb & the megalopolis.

From where? Everywhere!

Be Timoteo Pinto now. Contact you today!

Chaotic? Comedian? Discordian? Meta-Discordian? Shaman? Prophet? Myth? Confused? Dreamer? Realistic? Surrealist? Paradoxical? Pataphysician? Neoist? Sacred Clown?


Disturbance of daily life? Radical Copyleft? Secret Theatre? Anarchist type III? Delirious Zenarchist?

We’re talking about Timoteo Pinto. Timoteo Pinto is all that and none of that.

With polemical texts, few have the courage to question him or invite him to an open debate. His ubiquity suggests an immense sea of questions: where did he come from? Timoteo Pinto even existed? why Timoteo Pinto? What makes a Timoteo Pinto? He bites?

There are rumors that Timoteo Pinto is a huge Mindfuck and that sooner or later he will end up catching everyone by surprise.

There are other rumors that Timoteo Pinto really existed, was a zenarchist in search of the sacred fnord. And someone call himself Timoteo Pinto in his honor.


 We Are All Timoteo Pinto. or not

Call yourself Timoteo Pinto! Do everything in the name of Meta-Discordianism!

Meta-Discordianism?!  has no eyes, no nose, no ears, no mouth, no legs, no arms, no sex, no heart, no liver, no blood, no body. However, in spite of all, Meta-Discordianism?! can fuck you up, Meta-Discordianism?!  is watching you, Meta-Discordianism?!  is your friend and enemy, Meta-Discordianism?!  is alive, Meta-Discordianism?!  is dancing and singing, Meta-Discordianism?!  exists. Meta-Discordianism?!  is you or me or anyone.

Here we are, the whole lot of us, the people of Meta-Discordianism?! . Confused, vaguely restless, feeling superfluous to one another. Superfluity is the only relationship we can establish between us. I feel it, and I understand it, and I feel comfortable because I am not afraid of feeling superfluous. I want to be superfluous to all eternity. My death must be superfluous as well.

Meta-Discordianism?!  is, at bottom, the experience of contingency and of the absurdity which attaches to existence as such.

Demons of Meta-Discordianism?! always seem to turn me against myself and my personal demons always seem to turn me against Meta-Discordianism?!. I communicate by means of what I cannot define. I am born into a society that has the right to manipulate me.

Meta-Discordianism?!  is not only an idea in my head nor the sound of blood, it is a long, dead, scrapmetal worm at my feet, or maybe it is dogshit, and I’m going to step in it.

Without formulating anything I know that I have at last found the clue to my existence, to my confusion.

Meta-Discordianism?! represents the most powerful forces shaping our culture in recent decades.

Unless you’ve been locked in a church the past few years, you’ve heard the term Meta-Discordianism?!  from the mouths of bandits and conspirator types. If you are like many folks, you may have wondered what the heck Meta-Discordianism?! is.
What is it good for? What does it mean to crocodiles?

Monty Cantsin Amen and Timoteo Pinto


A Customer Testimonial:

"One pitfall of discordianism i did not foresee is the risk of attractors in the space of metabeliefs and metabeliefs about metabeliefs. Ordinary religions are attractors in the space of beliefs, and discordianism helps navigate that, but you seem to run into the same problem, when considering metabeliefs. So now i should probably convert to meta-discordianism to navigate that pitfall, and repeat infinity times."

- lvl3pareidoliamancer



"Meta-Discordianism is Discordianism with Neoist characteristics, which is different from Post-Neoism, which it's Neoism with Discordian characteristics" - The Fixer



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Call yourself Timoteo Pinto/Sarah Gulik/Lucretia Dalencourt/Bruces Vain! Do everything in the name of Meta-Discordian-Post-Neoism!  



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