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We Are #TheGame23 - Join Us!

Greetings fellow citizen's, we are #TheGame23.

Douglas Rushkoff, chaos magician and worlds 6th most influential thinker, according to M.I.T. once said, "In a world ran by algorithms, weirdness is our best weapon."

And, as Albert Einstein once said, if at first an idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it. Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.

Imagine it's the summer of love 1967.

Imagine Timothy Leary voices his phrase, "Turn on, tune in, drop out.

Imagine the whole world starts to believe everything is possible.

Imagine the summer of love 1967 could reach a criticalmass worldwide.

Imagine the summer of love 1967 with internet.

Imagine it's the spring of love 2023.
Imagine humankind with internet but the algorithms risk to engulf humankind.

Imagine it's the 23rd of May 2023, #23V23. Imagine artists all over the world announce a worldwide Party to celebrate LIFE.

Imagine weirdness is a central theme of this party.

Imagine Robert Anton Wilson voices his phrase, "On a planet that increasingly resembles a maximum security prison, the only intelligent decision is to plan a jailbreak. What the world calls sanity has led us to the present planetary crisis and insanity is the only viable alternative."

Imagine Diogenes, Crowley, Arabal, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Leary, R.A.W. and so many more realize that being weird and playing the spoilsport, the trickster, the shaman, is the key to turning civilization upside down and to hack algorithms.

Imagine worldwide CONSCIOUSNESS is raised by realizing that by bonding with each other, the things that seperate us are far less than the things we share: the search for happiness and the need to LOVE and be LOVED.

Imagine this media virus, now thanks to internet, infecks the world at LARGE.

Imagine that, suddenly, humankind starts to believe that everything is possible again.

Imagine you play #TheGame23 by creating artwork, pics, graffiti, vids, with the phrase "What is #TheGame23?"

Imagine you play #TheGame23 by sharing and RT each other's artwork and by joining the DISCORD server.

Imagine all kinds of artists, including "high profile" influencers, start to tweet the phrase to their thousands of followers: What is #TheGame23? May 23, 2023 #WorldwideParty23 #23V23

Imagine the weirdness starts by sharing this video.

Imagine that we got two years left until 2023 for this hypersigil to go viral. Imagine the hypersigil reaches criticalmass.

Imagine all sorts of people, all over the world organize raves at parks, in the street, school, universities, the 23rd of May 2023.

Imagine the egregor grows and grows until the IMPOSSIBLE HAPPENS.



We are #TheGame23.

Join Us.


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